Pledgeball and LTA Renew Partnership to #ProtectWhereWePlay

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the LTA for the second consecutive year. This is an opportunity for members and venues alike. This collaboration brings exciting incentives: the venue that tops the league table wins a £500 grant, and a lucky pledger takes home a pair of tickets for the 2025 LTA WTA event at the Queen’s Club.

This initiative will run for four months—June, July, August, and September—featuring a club and individual winners each month. We are pleased to announce that Sutton Churches Tennis Club has emerged as the winner for June.

The partnership between Pledgeball and the LTA signifies a powerful commitment to environmental sustainability within the tennis community. By collaborating for the second consecutive year, we are leveraging the influence of sports to drive positive environmental change, a change that each member of the tennis community can be proud of.

Katie Cross, CEO of Pledgeball, said, “We are proud to announce our partnership with the LTA for the second consecutive year. This collaboration highlights the powerful role sports can play in driving positive change. By encouraging tennis fans and clubs to take action to #ProtectWhereWePlay, we are fostering a community dedicated to reducing emissions and promoting sustainable practices.”

This initiative motivates tennis fans and clubs to adopt pro-environmental behaviours and rewards their efforts with tangible incentives. The four-month campaign emphasises the ongoing dedication to reducing emissions and promoting sustainability, reinforcing that every pledge and action contributes to a greener future. Through this partnership, Pledgeball and the LTA set a benchmark for how sports organisations can engage their communities in meaningful climate action, demonstrating that the love for tennis and our planet can go hand in hand.

How Does It Work?

  1. Venues encourage their communities to visit
  2. Find your venue, click on it, and make one or more pledges to support the venue.
  3. Each month, the venue that tops the league table will win £500, and one lucky pledger will be drawn to win a pair of tickets to an LTA event in 2025.
  4. Next month, your venue’s chance to top the table begins again!

This campaign not only highlights our commitment to sustainable practices but also showcases how sports can be a driving force for positive environmental change.

Join us in making a difference, and let’s #ProtectWhereWePlay.