Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pledge the same thing for different fixtures?

Yes! If this is a pledge you’re focusing on – fantastic. This will contribute towards your team’s scores for the fixture, but will only be counted once for the accumulated score that determines your team’s place in the Pledgeball League.

How long do I have to carry out the pledge to save the amount of CO2e it says I’ve saved?

The calculation is the amount of CO2e you’ll save in a year if you switch to carrying out this pledge. For example, if you’ve pledged to eat vegan for two days per week, it shows the amount you save by doing it for a year.

Are the emissions savings accurate?

The emissions savings should be taken as a guideline rather than an accurate measurement. It is impossible to completely accurately assess carbon savings of these switches because the saving is influenced by so many things. If, for example, I wanted to know what emissions I’d save on a journey by travelling in an electric car compared to a petrol car it would depend on so many things: the weather, road condition, age and useage of the car, condition of the tyres. 

But the guideline savings from making these switches are calculated as accurately as possible by the experts at CSE and so are an excellent indicator of the amount you’ll save per year by making these switches.