Breaking Boundaries: Pledgeball Spotlighted in Fundraising in Sport for Development Report 2023-24!

We are honoured to announce that Pledgeball has been prominently featured in the Fundraising in Sport for Development: State of the Sector Report 2023-24.

In her insightful contribution to the report, our CEO, Katie Cross, delves into the intricacies of Pledgeball – outlining the mechanics of our organisation, shedding light on our volunteer structure, and emphasising the integral role volunteers play in the success of our programs.

Furthermore, Katie elaborates on our use of the Sociocratic system of organisation—an innovative framework that fosters inclusivity, transparency, and effective decision-making. Through this system, we empower all stakeholders to actively participate in shaping the direction of our initiatives, ensuring that our efforts are guided by collective wisdom and consensus.

Reflecting on this remarkable achievement, we are inspired to continue pushing boundaries, #ProtectWhereWePlay, and create lasting social change. We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who has contributed to our journey thus far. 🙏

Full report link: