Pledgeball partner with Global Sustainability Group, RSK

RSK, a global leader in the delivery of sustainable solutions, has become the official lead partner of Pledgeball.

Pledgeball founder Katie Cross said: “We are delighted to have partnered with RSK and are excited about the prospect of working together. Our work is hugely complementary and will enable us to further accelerate the drive towards a more sustainable future.

“The recently released Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report demonstrates that 40–70% of emissions could be cut through enabling behaviour and lifestyle change. The sports community is unique in the potential to drive this change, and RSK’s work particularly supports the ‘enabling’ factor of these, making the sustainable option easier, while Pledgeball inspires the collective drive for action.”

RSK Chief Executive Officer Alan Ryder said: “RSK’s sustainability and biodiversity businesses work with companies all over the world to empower them to make a difference to their own sustainability and biodiversity goals. This practical and valuable approach yields tangible results and is a quality we see reflected in Pledgeball. The charity demonstrates how making a pledge – such as recycling, reducing food waste, eating more meat-free meals, turning down the heating and using reusable water bottles – can make a measurable contribution to reducing emissions.

“When you add the passion and commitment of football fans, the opportunities are immense. Fans have the drive we need to tackle climate change, and it’s an excellent way to share the message. It’s also crucial to help people who have real concerns about climate change see that they can make a difference and that individual action equals collective power. We are thrilled to be taking the sustainability message to the pitch with Pledgeball and together addressing emissions and driving the shift towards a more sustainable world.”

You can find more about RSK here.