Here is our ever-growing list of pledges with links to some useful info to support you in your pledgeballing!

  • Use a shampoo bar instead of a bottle
  • Use recycled toilet paper
  • Reduce meat consumption by 50%
  • Wash at 30˚C
  • Keep chargers, TVs and computers off at the wall
  • Buy only second-hand items where possible
  • Switch to a green energy supplier
  • Walk or cycle if the journey is under 2 miles
If a Wembley stadium’s worth of fans set their heating to 19oC, over a year they’d save the same amount of CO2e as taking over 6,100 cars off the road

Standalone Pledge

You don’t need to go to an event to pledge for the planet.

Here is our ever-growing list of pledges with some useful websites to help you with your Pledgeballing

Food miles

Buy seasonal groceries only from in-country suppliers

Buy only seasonal, locally-produced food

Food waste

Cook your leftovers and minimise your food waste


Buy big packs of snacks instead of multi-packs, and split them into reusable containers at home

Recycle everything correctly

Register and put a sign on your door to ask for no junk mail


Buy wood etc from reclamation yards etc