How does it work?

Pledgeball works in two ways:

1. Pledgeball events

A Pledgeball event is free – you simply pledge to make a change in your life and you can participate! Then we’ll share the collective impact that the event has on the planet.

We kicked off our campaign with a men’s and a women’s 5-a-side football tournament in Bristol in September. This is just the start. You can enter one of our events, or host your own!

2. Standalone pledges

Don’t want to participate in a Pledgeball event? Then simply pledge to make a change: let us know your pledge via the button below; post your pledge on social media; and tag #pledgeball!

Your public pledge will encourage others to get pledgeballing. We’ll collate the data collected here and share the collective impact that Pledgeballers have had on the planet.