Launch video of our partnership with FBB and Nixi Body as part of our Women’s World Cup campaign.

Football Beyond Borders is partnering with Pledgeball to support their Women’s World Cup campaign.

We are delighted to be partnering with Football Beyond Borders as part of our Women’s World Cup campaign.

Join us and support your national team by making pledges in order to push your teams up the League Table, join us in protecting where we play and enter a draw to win prizes included Football Manager passes, tickets to watch the Lionesses play Scotland and Pledgeball shirts signed by the likes of Robbie Savage, Akinfenwa and Jules Breach.  

As part of our campaign, Football Beyond Borders will be supporting the aim to protect where we play by co-developing their modules addressing menstruation to integrate a focus on sustainability and the benefits of period products that do not remain on the planet for years to come. 

Our World Cup campaign aims to reduce emissions in 2 ways:  

  1.  By rallying the wonderful, unique, international community of fans to collectively reduce emissions and take a stand on environmental sustainability, something we are supported on by our lead partner RSK. 
  2. Following on from the open letter sent to the UK Government by the Lionesses, calling on them to ensure that girls get equal access to sport. We are supporting girls’ access to education.

We will do this through supporting Football Beyond Border’s girls to access sustainable menstrual products: for every person who pledges, a pair of sustainable menstrual knickers will be donated to FBB by Pledgeball’s partner Nixi Body.

Girls accessing education has the potential of avoiding nearly 85 gigatonnes of carbon emissions and ‘girls who play sports are more likely to get better grades in school’, which is also reflected through Football Beyond Border’s work where students on the FBB programme were 11 times more likely to achieve their GCSE in English and maths than comparison groups . 

Katie Cross, CEO of Pledgeball, said ‘Football Beyond Borders are an incredible organisation to work with and we are truly delighted to be partnering with them: their work is phenomenal. Embedding sustainability into our thinking, and normalising the consideration for preserving the places and conditions we value to play in is crucial, and the co-development of the module with FBB is a brilliant place to start.  

For so long, periods have been a taboo subject with little discussion around them and, therefore, with limited options made available. Girls and women are already and can lead a real shift in addressing sustainability, and this module will facilitate this.’ 

James Reeves, FBB’s Senior Advocacy Manager, said ‘we’re pleased to be partnering with Pledgeball to continue breaking down the barriers that prevent teenage girls from enjoying the vast benefits that come from playing football. FBB’s bespoke curriculum starts with reflection on the self, before we then learn more about our impact on others and the world and this partnership will further embed sustainable thinking and practice into the lives of our young people.” 

Get pledging for your national team and enter the draw by clicking here.