Women’s World Cup: Join Us!

Join us! Pledge in support of your national team for your chance to WIN prizes!

Pledge for you national team and enter the draw here!

Pledgeball are inviting anyone and everyone to get involved with their upcoming Women’s World Cup Campaign. The campaign aims to reduce emissions in 2 ways:  

  1. By rallying this wonderful, unique, international community of fans to collectively reduce emissions and take a stand on environmental sustainability  
  1. By supporting girls’ access to sport and education, both in the UK and abroad 

Pledgeball are a UK-based, research-backed charity that unites football fans to tackle climate change and environmental sustainability.  

Pledgeball works very simply: it encourages fans to make pro-environmental pledges in support of their clubs. The amount of emissions pledged to be saved determines a club’s standing within the Pledgeball League table. 

You can find out more about Pledgeball by clicking here

Throughout the World Cup, fans of competing nations across the world will be pledging and encouraging fellow fans to make pledges in support of their national teams, pushing their teams up the League Table in the process and entering the draw to win prizes!  

After the 2022 Euro’s, the Lionesses sent an open letter to the UK Government calling on them to ensure that girls are able to play football in PE lessons. Girls accessing education has the potential of avoiding nearly 85 gigatonnes of carbon emissions and ‘girls who play sports…are more likely to get better grades in school’. 

We are inviting support from: 

  • Advocates: individuals, teams, organisations who will encourage fellow fans to get involved. Please join our Linked In group here for discussions and updates, or reach out to us here
  • Prizes: if you’re able to donate a prize please contact us at media@pledgeball.org 
  • Sponsors: if you’d like to be involved in this campaign please contact Ben at ben.mole@pledgeball.org